Things we do.

A guide to some of the groups that meet as part of the Church community

Except where it says otherwise, all these groups meet on the church premises

Celebrating a birthday after our Sunday morning worship

The Drop In

is open from 10.30 on Wednesday mornings and we are pleased to see anyone who fancies a friendly chat or a cup of tea/coffee and a sit down during that time. There is normally no charge.


is an afternoon meeting with a devotional focus. We meet on Thursdays from 2.30pm to 3.30pm from September through to June. The meetings begin with a short time of devotion and reflection and then there is usually a speaker to give some thoughts, not always religious, which is then followed by a time to chat over a cup of tea. New members are always welcomed as 'regulars' or just a casual visit. We also sometimes have Soup Lunches which are very popular.