Letter from the Minister.

Rev Phil Summers

Rev Phil Summers

Some words for January

I've never been one for New Year resolutions. In some ways if I was going to challenge myself over specific changes I could make to the way I live I would leave that for Lent, which is the more traditional time for Christian self-examination. Having said that maybe everyday should be a day for resolutions. As I rise in the morning, should I be saying to myself, 'How am I going to live today? What shall I resolve to change that will improve on the way I lived yesterday?' In a specifically Christian context the question is, 'How am I going to be more like Jesus today?'

If you're looking for more specific resolutions you might like to make for 2020 then, in relation to our work here at Cam Methodists, here are a few suggestions. I resolve to...

1) Pray more regularly.

2) Be more regular in my attendance at Sunday Worship.

3) Get along to a mid-week communion each month.

4) Find time to read the bible more often.

5) Become a pastoral visitor.

6) Pray more regularly.

7) Attend 'Bright Hour'.

8) Visit my neighbours.

9) Get along to the 'Big Sing' once a month.

10) Know all the names of the people I worship with.

11) Consider my financial contribution to the life of the church.

12) Help with the tea/coffee rota.

13) Pray more regularly.

14) volunteer to keep 'drop in' going

........ I'm sure you can think of more.